WeatherFlow Smarta Väderstationer: Sky & Air

WeatherFlows smarta väderstationer (Sky & Air) är en världsnyhet!

Get precise information about weather and environmental conditions at your house then use the data to save time & money, increase safety, and improve home health. WeatherFlow brings decades of experience designing and maintaining professional weather stations to the home user with our revolutionary line of Smart Weather Stations.


SKY: Encased in SKY’s eye-catching design, our revolutionary sensors detect rain drops in an instant, give accurate real-time wind speed & direction, and measure sunlight (including UV Index) – all with no moving parts to wear out or fail. WiFi & Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity. Long Battery Life.


AIR: Protect your family when AIR detects lightning & warns you of approaching storms. AIR also measures temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. WiFi & Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity. Long Battery Life.